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Swiss Protection Service AG

Company profile

We are a competent provider of security solutions and are at your side during each stage of the process – from the risk analysis and consultation, through to the implementation of your security procedure. We pride ourselves in achieving only the highest standards within the security industry, the quality of which exceeds the industry standard. We are able to guarantee the highest of quality due to the manageable size of our company and its efficient structures. You will see, after our first collaboration at the latest, that quality, personal customer service and discreet security is not just a slogan at Swiss Protection Service AG; it is our company philosophy, one which we operate with success.

Vision – where we are headed

We aim:
- to be the first choice for security solutions for exclusive events;
- to be specialists in the active and preventive segments;
- to establish ourselves as analysis and concept experts;
- to develop new and innovative security products and services.

Mission statement – what we stand for

So discreet that you will hardly ever notice us. But always ready, when it needs us.


2015 – 10-year anniversary Swiss Protection Service AG

2009 – Membership with Association of Swiss Security Service Companies (VSSU)

2007 – Merger with TnC Security

2005 - Registered at the Commercial Registry Office as a Public Limited Company, Ltd (AG)

2004 – Swiss Protection Service was founded as a sole enterprise by Dario Caprarese, Markus Müller und Patrik Pörtig


- We are a member of the Association of Swiss Security Service Companies (VSSU)

- We adhere to the relevant provisions in the National Employment Agreement (GAV) regarding the provision of security services

- We support the Concordat of the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (KKJPD) regarding the provision of private security services